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OkCupid, being a popular dating service, gains lots of new followers all the time. Yet, some of the experienced users of OkCupid may want to diversify its casual atmosphere with something new and fresh. Here’s when OkCupid free alternatives come to the rescue. Fortunately, thanks to the quickly expanding niche of amazing dating sites, there are plenty of decent OkCupid alternative services that will become your main tools in building a happy relationship and an adventurous love life.

OkCupid main page

Sometimes, when you put all your hopes to find a dream lady or a casual relationship on one service, it satisfies you until you get used to it. Sure, even the best sites can run out of new ideas and options to surprise and impress the usual members. While the alternative services with similar options and features still have something new to impress you with. Here are a few main points to try out sites like OkCupid:

  1. More gorgeous matches. Different sites, even if they’re similar, have different databases of pretty singles. Get in touch with new hot girls and make potential matches. The more services you use, the more nice acquaintances you make that potentially lead to great relationships.
  2. Fresh start. If you’re done with your profile and want a new image for the potential matches, sometimes it’s better to try a new service rather than updating the usual one. You get a chance to attract new beautiful singles with updated photos and an online dating experience.
  3. New features. Although dating services tend to have a similar algorithm of cool features, it is great that many OkCupid alternatives create new and interesting functions to try. Moreover, some services have free features, while others have the same one but chargeable, so you can try them out for free. Such site alternatives are described further.

About OkCupid

OkCupid dating site has a long history of gaining popularity and upgrading. Operating for over a decade with the aim to unite the singles’ hearts, the site now owns a huge database of loyal members, with more and more coming every day. The constant changes in the site’s functionality lead to progressive updates, such as an app or an up-to-date messaging format. Now members can enjoy 24/7 chats with potential girlfriends and boyfriends thanks to the useful app. While chats with users are available only when your match is mutual, thus, allowing letting go of annoying admirers and focus on the conversations with the singles you really like.

Being among the most popular sites of the dating niche, OkCupid aims to take it all by introducing various kinds of relationships available there. When registering on the website, you’re free to select whatever your aim here is: casual dating, one-night fling, or a serious long-lasting relationship. OkCupid’s policy is said to accept any, making it a great space for the development of your love life. There’re a lot of cool features created to facilitate the dating life and bring more interactivity to casual conversations. Try reading OkCupid’s blog about love, hook-ups, and relationships; getting your profile on the top list with the Boost option; tracking the profiles visiting your profile and liking your pictures, and much more.

Sites Like OkCupid

Whether you’re a loyal member of the OkCupid dating service or a newbie, trying out the sites similar to OkCupid has many benefits. Moreover, the following services can also help you to diversify the pastime dedicated to your online love life and get you even more potential girlfriends.


AdultFriendFinder main pag

AdultFriendFinder is among the dating sites like OkCupid with its own charm and popularity. It becomes clear from the service’s name that it’s a platform for adults seeking casual relationships, mostly for one-night fun. It suits singles, committed ladies and males, LGBTQ community members, even married couples, and here are why. AdultFriendFinder’s atmosphere is very easy and casual. It’s great for those willing to bring something new to their love and sex life and spice things up in bed. The cool features offered by the platform work to complete that aim and include public and private chat rooms, helpful blog articles about healthy online sex relationships, and even live streaming videos of the hottest users.



Since AdultFriendFinder offers adult services and explicit content with real users, the price for such pleasures and fantasies is corresponding. The following prices are taken from the website:

Gold Membership

Ashley Madison

AshleyMadison main page

It’s another popular and free alternative to OkCupid that has gained lots of users over the decades of operation. The site and multiple reviews online position it as a free and open space for all kinds of relationships and where any judgment is a taboo. A single person of any age (18+) can find what they’re seeking on the OkCupid alternative Ashley Madison, whether monogamous or polyamorous connections, straight or gay, singles or couples. The site adjusts well to all the new tendencies in the adult online dating niche, trying to upgrade the functionality to satisfy every member.



Moreover, you get to boost up your popularity, send winks, create a list of favorite users, and more. Such options are available once you get a credit package that provides access to all the great features of the service. The prices are taken from the website:


main page Flirt.com

The Flirt platform also takes its place among the OkCupid type sites with a growing database of gorgeous ladies and males willing to enhance their love life online. This OkCupid alternative is more about casual dating when beautiful men and women meet, date, and communicate to give each other the needed pleasure and satisfaction. This alternative to OkCupid offers a wide range of features to make your profile attractive to gorgeous singles and diversify everyday conversations. Try out video uploading to introduce yourself to gorgeous girlfriends properly; use your favorite message template to charm as many women as you wish, and get on the top list of users with the boost feature.



As for the pricing policy, this alternative of OkCupid offers moderate prices, including a 3-day free trial for the new members to try out all the features. The prices are the following:


BeNaughty main page

BeNaughty is among the best alternative to OkCupid thanks to its fun atmosphere with no strings attached. People come here when they want a not scam place with like-minded singles or couples who share the same views on flirting and one-night relationships. This OkCupid alternative is created to facilitate the meeting of such soulmates and provide all the necessary tools for a great and satisfying pastime. The members of this alternative service are very active as they are united by the same objective here – to have fun and enjoy the alluring encounters with various people. After signup, you’ll get a list of potential matches in your area so that you get a chance to hookup an amazing night partner straight from the beginning.



The pricing policy of the OkCupid alternative is very pleasant in comparison to other platforms of the niche. The prices from the website:


main page Loveaholics

Being among the OkCupid competitors and its alternative site, Loveaholics similarly offers gorgeous singles a chance to hook up and flirt with alluring like-minders in a nice atmosphere of the service. The site’s users are mostly from Europe, seeking casual flings and a great pastime with mutual pleasure. If you’re seeking serious, long-lasting relationships, then this OkCupid alternative is not your best choice. It is more about erotic flirting, explicit video chat rooms, and a hot atmosphere of satisfaction. Here you can also create your own template of a sexy line that you will send to all the ladies you want to have fun with.



The prices are upper-moderate, and the following trials are taken from the website:


main page QuickFlirt

The alternative of OkCupid has been facilitating casual flirting over the years, and by now, there are over a million males and females using the service in an attempt to hook up and enjoy the flirting. As to the cool features, this OkCupid alternative website has a lot to offer. Starting with erotic photos of gorgeous female users to private video chats, where you can see them personally. Moreover, you can add more information about yourself to attract more beautiful ladies and chat.



Prices of this OkCupid alternative bring joy to its members, as they are affordable:


All in all, the offered alternatives prove they are great services, and some users may even decide these sites better than OkCupid do their job at uniting singles and spicing up their love life. The OkCupid legit alternative services offer lots of cool features, and all together will get you the hottest matches online. So get to the action and try out the legit platforms to make your love life a better one.

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