Match VS Pof – Which App Is Better?

Building up happy relationships with people via the internet is not much different from meeting people in a real-life except you mustn’t go out. But you surely have to find a place where the guys, girls spend their free time.

Thus, if you want to have a one-night date, go to the bar or a club. However, seeking an art lover, you can double your chances and go to the museum or an art show.

Match or plenty of fish also follow this way. They offer many interesting upgrades for their premium subscribers helping to find the right partner among the variety of attractive offers. Using different communicative tools both partners can become potential dates very fast.

Why match vs pof?

The success rate of these meet-up platforms put them on top of the most trusted dating sites. Which site is better to trust to, match or plenty of fish? Read on to see how both sites confront and resist each other.

Pof VS Match: Positives & Negatives

When we want to pick one of Match and Pof sites, they seem completely similar but do have some differences. The first difference you can’t but notice is the free communication tool for Pof users, while Match is available for money only.

Then the registration process comes. It is strict and time-taking on Pof but includes good protections from fakes and scammers. The Match is super-simple and free to join, and the registration does not require answering as many questions as if you are interviewing to get a new job.

Match Positives

Match Negatives

Pof Positives

Pof Negatives VS Pof: Availability

To learn what is what at this stuff, the first thing you have to check out is the availability of each service.

Match helps people for more than 20 years and is currently available in 30 countries. Luckily, the app is translated into many languages and is considered to be one of the best visited international platforms.

Pof started its activity in 2003 in Canada and now it is available overseas. That’s impressive to progress to such a high stage. But still, this Pof is not as popular as Match.

Match wins this round.

Plenty Of Fish Or Match: Who Has A Better App?

Is Match better than PoF by comparing their mobile versions? Both of these platforms can boast renewed and differently upgraded applications, so it is a good idea to learn their distinguishing features to decide what is the best.

Pof Mobile App

That’s very convenient that the app is available for all possible mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. The portable variant has all the features of the top-rated meet-up site. Everything is straight and clear. You understand where to go for messaging, private talks, watching videos, etc. It is easy to use for people of different ages, even for older ones.

First, mind that the Pof app can show your location to other users. Check this function if you want to keep this information secret. If you need a portable version of your favorite dating site, it makes sense to upload a Pof mobile version. You are recommended to try this app and other sites like pof.

Match Mobile App

Check Match website and mobile and you can hardly find any differences between them. The app is attractive and clear. It is easy to swipe, browse through files, find videos, and navigate your app in different ways. Many users find it even more attractive and convenient than the website!

Download the app from the App Store and Play Market. Check the premium subscription.

Pof Vs Match: Audience Comparison

Comparing vs pof, you notice that both claim to have a good reputation in the online dating world. Their massive audiences prove that both services do their best to satisfy their users’ dating needs.

Audience Review of

The main audience mostly comes from the USA. The app has over 4 000 000 American users and 11 million users overall.

It’s a good thing that both men and women are almost equally active on the website. Moreover, the age distribution is proportional, increasing the chances of finding the right partner. Most users on Match are seeking long-term relationships. The audience is very responsible so that you will never wait for the answer for long.

Audience Review of Plenty of Fish

Pod counts over 78 000 000 users from the USA. Pof is one of the oldest online dating websites and has a massive dating community. The service is popular worldwide. Both men and women are enthusiastic about dating. They actively comment on forum posts, send messages, support interesting conversations.

The main audience is young adults. The profiles are very detailed, and looking through his/her page may be enough to decide whether to initiate a conversation or not. The topic for conversation can be on a variety of themes and cases.

Sign-Up Process

Is match better than pof? When it comes to signing up, Pof outweighs Match and allows free registration in a couple of clicks.


You need nothing to become an active member of this website. Just select a username and password, fill in the short questionnaire, and you’re ready to start your dating experience in about 10 minutes. As soon as your registration is fulfilled, you can start messaging the members and look for a date.


The Match is much more complex. The registration alone takes up to 60 minutes. Does it seem a bit annoying? Remember, the platform uses your answers to find you a perfect match. When you’re done, you have to go through a manual verification process that can take up to 72 hours.

Who’s the winner,plenty of fish or match? As the practice shows, most people prefer the speedy registration that Pof offers.

Pof VS Match: Interface & Usability

Pof Layout

The PoF interface may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you are using the desktop version. The registration and profile creation is relatively straightforward for both application and desktop. Once you get used to its interface, the website is suitable for any person of any age group. You do not have to be a skilled technician to enjoy the features. The search engine is also simple, and you may narrow your search results using different matching criteria.

Match Layout

On Match, both mobile applications and desktop versions are easy to run through. The features are neatly organized in the main menus, making it easy for you to find whatever you need. Its layout attracts the new generation thanks to its minimalistic design. It does not offer any fancy functions or gimmicks, but it provides all the necessary tools to make your online dating unforgettable.

By vs plenty of fish, it may be difficult to make a final decision. Both of them are user-friendly, easy to use, and attractive for any seeking person.

Quality Of Matches

There is nothing to discuss here. Match has a higher member quality because people who have serious and good intentions are ready to give money for using the app. The website caters to singles from all walks of life and sexual orientation and is very welcoming for both the straight and LGBT communities.

Of course, Pof also has a huge number of active members, but some of them may have fake accounts or those who are not interested in something serious. Keep in mind, the website is not exactly LGBT-friendly.

Match VS Pof: Pricing

It is rather weird to compare a free website with a paid service. If you try to decide between plenty of fish vs match, don’t forget that Pof has a premium membership too and it’s still cheaper. The price difference is not substantial if you opt for the minimum period, but if you want to save a buck, Pof is the way to go.

Pof Subscription

Match Subscription

Special Features Match VS Pof

For Pof

As you already know, Plenty of fish is a meet-up website that is very easy to use with all the features that other sites like of have.

Users are free to upgrade their profiles by taking a special matching test for increasing their chances to find real love. To make your online communication more interesting, your dating account allows uploading many interesting photos and becoming the best version of yourself.

They now have a paid version of PoF in addition to the free version. What is the point? Upgrading your membership, you can say Good Bye to annoying ads and get an option to see whether your messages to other members were read or not. Also, you can add more pics to your profile album and always be on the top of popular users in the Meet me section.

For Match

Comparing vs pof you’ll see that this meet-up space is also filled with the standard set of dating features.


this feature can be very useful if you don’t have much free time for seeking partners. The program uses your answers and counts your interests to do the search for you.

My Favorite

is another useful addition that helps in looking through users’ profiles and picking the best potential partners. Instead of spending hours, fighting with the search and filters, you can simply pay for the professional approach.

Match six-month guarantee

is probably the best premium function that everyone desires. This upgrade promises you will meet your love on Match within six months. Otherwise, they will give you the money you’ve spent for premium back. What an attractive offer!

Who Are Match And Pof For?

Both dating sites address straight as well as LGBT individuals – at least in theory. When it comes to the facts, Pof is a little inviting for the LGBT community. The website didn’t update its subscription option and did nothing during the past years to make lesbians, gays, and people with different sexual views feel comfortable here.

The Match app is also positioned as an LGBT-friendly platform and it’s a lot friendlier towards the community than Plenty of Fish. Choosing between pof vs match, the last one is the winner here.

How To Choose The Right Meet-Up App?

Many people find choosing the right place where they will spend much time and meet with other users very challenging. There are so many worthy dating platforms around and just a half of them are credible. Being attracted by the site’s popularity and famous name you can go wrong.

The main question you have to answer before dealing with one or another platform is whether you are ready to pay for the service or not. As you probably know, there is a huge difference between free and paid platforms. They compete in many features and functions and you’ll get all the perks if you opt for a paid service.

Both sites, Pof and Match have paid versions and you should take it seriously. The reason is simple. If someone is serious about finding true love, they’ll go over and beyond to reach their goal. On the contrary, if someone wants casual dating or hookups, they’ll probably choose the free service.

The Verdict

What is the right choice – match or plenty of fish?

The answer depends on what you expect from the service. At the first sight, the golden crown goes to Match. This dating site has everything in it. It’s more popular, covers more countries, has a set of interesting features, has higher quality members, and is friendly to the LGBT community.

Pof also should not be underestimated. It does have lower prices, but you can pay for more features if you think the service is worth it. In the end, though, the final decision is down to you. Would you go for a paid service or try the free website first?

If you can’t choose, how about creating two accounts and make the most of your membership. You’ll have more choices and more chances to succeed. Don’t forget to check how the site is functioning and come to your own verdict.

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