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Using a platform such as WantMatures, you will enter a website full of horny matures looking for love. This website is a fantastic place for lonely people who are a little older but still have lots to offer a special someone. Through this WantMatures review, you will discover the facts about the site and how it can assist you in meeting a friend, companion, or serious relationship. When you use an establishment such as WantMatures, you are certainly going to have lots to see and do, so let’s take a closer look together. 

What We LikeWhat We Do Not Like
Users get the opportunity to get a 3 day free trialNo mobile app available currently
Navigation is simpleFake accounts
All photos are moderated to prevent sexual content appearing
Customer support is responsive
Many free features
WantMatures main page

WantMatures Short Overview

What we like about WantMatures is that it caters to all types of people. You can locate older users who are looking for casual fun, as well as those wanting to have serious relationships. The majority of users are looking for a more serious type of relationship through WantMatures. It is also a straightforward site to operate; you will not be bored with lots of technical difficulties here. All of this makes matchmaking smooth and enjoyable. Completing a WantMatures dating site review shows us that there is always hope of finding love, even as you get older. 

There are still needs that people want to be met when they get into their forties and fifties. Fortunately, the WantMatures website satisfies their needs with a dating service that ticks many boxes. Below we have created a list of pros and cons of using WantMatures. These are our views on the positives and negatives of the platform; your view may be different, so check it out. 



WantMatures advantages

How Does WantMatures Work? 

You can easily enjoy your time on the WantMatures platform as it has a nice safe feel. It is a site for those wanting to meet someone for either fun, friendship, or a committed relationship. The great thing when you visit a site like this is the selection of options. There are a vast amount of singles of all ages keen on enjoying the later part of their life. 

By adding your details and some nice photos on a profile page, you are on your way to meeting someone online here. The good news is there are some free features that users can feast on, such as searching through other profile pages and sending winks to those you admire. 

Once you locate the user you want to date, the next stage is to make contact. There are several ways to do this through WantMatures, messaging being the most popular method. Before you know it, you will be in contact with the girlfriends you fancy, and the world is in your hands. 

Registration Process

When you visit a new dating establishment, you want everything to run smoothly. Fortunately, this website makes it super convenient for every visitor. Firstly every website user must be 18 years of age or over, and it will only take a few minutes to complete the signup. There are then some details the website will require to start an account. Users will be required to add their age, email address, and location. There is email verification needed to open an account. 

The other question that will need to be answered is to help the website find you the most appropriate partner. So you need to state what you are looking for, a woman or a man. You should also specify what type of relationship you desire, long-term, casual, or friendship. All of these are critical in creating a clear and precise profile of what it is you want from the site. Through this wantmatures.com review, we have discovered the more details added to a profile, the more success is possible. 

The next stage is to add your location so the site can help you locate people in your area. At this point, you will need to create a password and click join now. You will be sent a four-digit code to your email address; click on this, and your WantMatures sign up is complete. You are now ready to start browsing through the platform, looking for a date. It is worth remembering that once you have opened an account, you should now fill in details about yourself more comprehensively. 

Adding your height, the color of your hair, hobbies, occupation, and other helpful information will lead to more attention. The more you add, the better, so more photos and videos will lead to more contacts and more dates online. It could not be easier when you search through detailed profiles; it makes a world of difference. 

WantMatures create account

Profiles Quality

This is an important aspect of a dating website and where users find out all the relevant information. Through our WantMatures review of the website, we found many profiles did not have much data. The good news is that you can search through profile pages for free with no payment required. All photos added to profiles are moderated by the website to keep explicit photos off. Without a membership, users can see the username, age, and location on the profiles. You can start a chat with that user or send a like. It is possible to block another user or report a profile too. 

Personal information will be added to the profile page, which will include hair, color, height, the color of the eyes, and weight. There is a gallery here where users can upload videos and photos. This section is available freely for only paying members. The location of the users is available for free, so every visitor can see this information. You will not be able to see what the person is looking for through the website; you need to pay to get that data. The extra information you can read is about other users’ hobbies, interests, and values. As we have stated previously, the more data you add, the better. 

Mobile App

Currently, there is no WantMatures mobile application on the market. But those that like the idea of dating cougars through your mobile device are in luck, as the mobile site works well. You get everything you need through the mobile site, so you will not miss a thing. Users will just need to open their browser and use their WantMatures login to sign in and start dating through their phone. 

It gives clients freedom and flexibility to date wherever they may be in the world. Because the mobile site works so well, it is better than an app because an app can be a little tricky for some older people to download. So the mobile version is straightforward and gives all the same benefits when looking for love. 

WantMatures search

WantMatures Pricing

The WantMatures cost is something every reader needs to know, so we have created a breakdown of the costs of the site below. Firstly there are no WantMatures credits available; this platform uses a subscription service. As you can see, the pricing is competitive with other dating establishments on the market. The great thing is that if you are unsatisfied or do not get good results after some time of using the site, the Satisfactory Guarantee feature kicks in. This means you can get 3 days of use of various sister sites of WantMatures for free. A brilliant and fair deal. 

The 1 day and 1-week membership fees are trial membership plans. It is easy to pay for these packages as you can pay with your bank card through the site. It will only take a few minutes, and then you will get full access to all the paid features. So what features do you benefit from when you are a paying member? You get to have an extended search through the platform. Paying members can also view full-sized photos on profile pages. Sharing photos and videos in a chat with sexy matures is also possible. Unlimited chat and customer support premium assistance too. 

WantMatures upgrade profile

Free Services

The free services which we have discovered through our review on the WantMatures dating site can also lead to good results online. These features are creating a profile, a basic search through profiles, sending winks to those users you admire, and viewing members through the Like Gallery. So as you can see, there is lots to like here. It is possible to do lots with no monthly fee. But your chances to meet sexy ladies do increase considerably when you become a member. 

WantMatures Best Features 

Features are some of the reasons people enter a dating platform. They can make or break a site. WantMatures, luckily has some brilliant features which make time spent on the website a joy. With over 9 million users from around the globe, features play a big part in the website’s success. So we have created a list of our top three features to assist you in finding relationships. 

Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a feature that allows you to prevent all users from seeing your profile page and details. When you have Safe Mode active, only verified members of the platform will be able to view your details. The Basic Mode only protects users from suspicious accounts. Using Safe Mode gives you peace of mind, and you control who views your information. 

Like Gallery

Like Gallery is a cool but simple feature that allows users to see potential matches one by one, and make a decision on whether they like or not. If you like, you tap a heart or an X means you would instead move on to the next one. You can view lots of women this way so you can find your love. 

WantMatures like gallery

Satisfaction Guarantee 

The Satisfaction Guarantee feature gives users the opportunity to try out one of the many sister sites WantMatures has for free for three days. This Satisfactory Guarantee feature works when you have not found success on WantMatures in a certain time frame. That is how confident the platform is that you will find satisfaction while using the website.

Real WantMatures Reviews 

WantMatures reviews have decided to get the views of some guys who have used the website. These men, who are from different cities in the world, were happy to chat with us about what they thought of WantMatures.com. So here is our chat.

Eduardo, Los Angeles

I was divorced over 6 months ago and really wanted to meet someone new. Rather than head to the bars and nightclubs, I wanted a more relaxed place to chat with ladies. So I signed up with WantMatures. Being 45 myself, it was perfect. The platform was simple, and the amount of women my age was great. I was a bit skeptical of the site at first, but it is legit. I am sure I will meet a partner soon, as I have met so many ladies since I joined a few months ago. 

Frank, London

I have always liked the ladies, and after turning 50 last month, I wanted to find someone I could finally settle down with. I enjoyed the features which make connecting with females fast and convenient. I paid for a 3-month membership, so I get unlimited access, which works well for me. I have recently been chatting with a beautiful lady who is 45 years of age. We hope to meet up very soon; I have no complaints. 

George, Montreal

I was so pleased to get registered with WantMatures, as It has helped me meet so many fantastic women. I am 40 years of age and have a child who I see every weekend. So I need an understanding lady to be with. Fortunately, through the website, there are countless people like me, so it is excellent. I loved the WantMatures free search, which helped me to look for ladies. 

These guys are good examples of some people who use the website. It caters to everyone who is middle-aged and looking for companionship. These men adore using the platform, and some have already found success. These stories are very common for people that use the WantMatures dating establishment. 

WantMatures testimonials

WantMatures Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps 

There are so many dating websites and apps out there that you will never be left without an option. These alternatives to WantMatures will leave you satisfied and can lead to you meeting other older singles. So we have chosen the sites and apps below to use if you want something different than WantMatures.com. 

Safety & Security

An essential aspect of a dating website you sign up for is security. People want to feel safe while searching online. When you register and use WantMatures, you are on a website that uses secure encryption technology for all payments. So this means that no personal details will be released to any third-party company. There are also moderators who check the platform making sure no explicit content is uploaded. If you are abused while online, there is a block user feature that can be activated, and that user can not view your profile or message you again. The website tries tirelessly to keep fake accounts off the site too. 

WantMatures meet mature singles

Customer Support

If you are ever in need of any assistance, the customer support team is always willing to help. They work 24/7 and can be contacted via email form. There is also a very useful FAQ section, which helps answer some common questions on the website. The waiting time is not too long; they plan on getting back to each client within 1 working day. 


The first thing that needs to be said is after completing our review of WantMatures; the site is not scam. There are so many sexy, attractive older ladies looking for relationships here; you will not believe it. If you think you are getting older and there is no hope of finding love, think again. Dating websites like these prove that you can chat and meet great new people for your life. Most users located through WantMatures are searching for committed relationships, so if this is what you desire, why not register your details and get online? 


Who can view your pictures on WantMatures?

Every user who signs up through the website is able to search through your profile. Any time you want to send photos in a chat, it can only be done with a paying member of the platform. But viewing photos you have added to your profile is free for everyone to view. This gives you more opportunities to meet someone, as the more eyeballs on your photos, the better.

How to use WantMatures?

It is a simple and convenient process. You sign up and add your details on the site and either pay for a membership or use the website for free. Once you pay, you get access to lots of features that will assist you in meeting the most suitable partner. You can have lots of fun online when you are using WantMatures.com.

Does WantMatures have security in place for its members?

The establishment uses the latest SSL technology, which ensures all private, sensitive data from users is stored safely. There is a customer support team who are always available to assist online too. You are able to block other users you want to by clicking a button, so the security in place is adequate. But being safe while dating online is all about using common sense, so make sure you do that.

How many credits are available for purchase at WantMatures?

The platform does not use WantMatures credits. Instead, users will need to pay to become a member, and there are various costs. The lowest membership fee is for 1 month and costs $27.01. It is possible to pay for 3 months, and the cost will be $45.44, so a reasonable price range is available.

Does WantMatures have customer support?

Yes, it does, the customer support works around the clock to make sure that every user is happy and has no issues. If you have some questions, there is a helpful FAQ section on the home page, which answers some popular questions. The best way to make contact with the staff is through email.

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