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Best Dating Sites for Single Parents

Last Updated on February 7, 2023 by Amy Lange

Trying single parent dating apps after a long relationship can be complicated, especially with young children or teenagers. Being a lonely parent is a daily challenge. It’s a full-time job, and it’s no picnic! Juggling work, social life, and raising children is not always easy, especially without the support of a partner who shares your daily life.

Top 15 Best Dating Sites for Single Parents

It seems that good dating sites for single parents are something beyond the realm of possibility. All the time is taken up by work, and raising children, and if there are no helpers at home, the rest of the time is spent on them. Being carefree on dating sites for parents is not an option. In this regard, dating sites for parents with children are an opportunity to establish their personal life, to feel interesting and desirable again without taking a break from their responsibilities.

#1 eDarling Single Parent Dating Platform

Edarling main page

Pros of eDarling

  • Intelligent pairing system
  • The opportunity to learn a lot about yourself thanks to the test
  • Each user is a natural person, spammers and scammers are blocked immediately
  • User-friendly interface both on PC and smartphone apps
  • Opportunity to get in touch with users from all over the world
  • Proven single parent dating site for serious relationships

Cons of eDarling

  • Almost entirely paid functionality
  • Annoying offer to subscribe
  • Long testing period before registration
  • No lonely parent app for Windows Phone
Good For Meeting interesting people
Gender Ratio 57% Male, 43% Female
Popularity 14 million users
Mobile App Yes

#2 SoloFamily Lonely Parent Dating Platform

SoloFamily App

Pros of SoloFamily

  • Easy and free registration
  • Quick login
  • Photo moderation during upload
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • A large audience, there are users from all cities and countries
  • Advanced partner search by interests
  • A lot of free options

Cons of SoloFamily

  • Pop-up notifications
  • Paid options necessary for full-fledged communication and online dating
Good For Communicating with single moms
Gender Ratio 38% Male, 62% Female
Popularity 9 million users
Mobile App No

#3 LovedateMe Single Parent Dating Platform

LovedateMe main page

Pros of LovedateMe

  • Good lonely parents dating audience
  • Free registration
  • Thorough verification of each profile
  • A wide range of options for finding a couple
  • No ads
  • Responsive customer service
  • A set of ready-made greetings to start a dialogue quickly
  • Clever single parent site algorithms that suggest the right match

Cons of LovedateMe

  • Few suitable users from small towns
  • During correspondence, you can’t exchange photos and videos
  • A large number of pop-up messages on the lonely parent site
  • It may take some time for the account to be verified for authenticity
Good For Sharing interests
Gender Ratio 56% Male, 44% Female
Popularity 20 million users
Mobile App Yes

#4 Kismia Single Parent Dating Platform

Kismia main page

Pros of Kismia

  • Free online registration and the opportunity to get acquainted with the single parent site before purchasing a paid subscription
  • Confirmation of the correspondence of your profile photo. This way you can be sure none of the participants attached themselves a beautiful photo from the Internet. Everything here is for real
  • A large number of users, so you have the opportunity to choose a partner close to your personality and to your liking

Cons of Kismia

  • Strange system for selecting partners (no manual search)
  • You must have a Facebook account to register
  • Expensive
Good For Security Measures
Gender Ratio 44% Male, 56% Female
Popularity 7 million users
Mobile App Yes

#5 Meetify Lonely Parent Dating Platform

Meetify main page

Pros of Meetify

  • Thousands of verified profiles free of charge
  • The choice of candidates is made based on individual user data
  • Each questionnaire after online registration is carefully checked by single parent site moderators
  • The simplicity of the single parent site and the convenience of features will accelerate the process of finding guys and girls and communication
  • Quick reaction of technical support
  • Real opportunity to find a partner from another country

Cons of Meetify

  • No advanced search
  • Not the most user-friendly interface
Good For Finding a quick date
Gender Ratio 58% Male, 42% Female
Popularity 15 million users
Mobile App Yes

#6 Tinder Single Parent Dating Platform

Tinder main page

Pros of Tinder

  • Filter by single parent site selection
  • Free online registration on the single parent site
  • Add video to your profile
  • Registration (increases the chance of meeting a natural person)
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • User-friendly interface

Cons of Tinder

  • Paid services
  • Advertising
  • Location restrictions
Good For Dating Instagram Users
Gender Ratio 55% Male, 45% Female
Popularity 100 million users
Mobile App Yes

#7 Badoo Single Parent Dating Platform

Badoo app

Pros of Badoo

  • Very many registered users
  • “Who’s Nearby?” feature
  • Live video broadcasting
  • Photo sharing in messages
  • User-friendly interface
  • Video upload in the profile
  • Almost all profiles are complete
  • No extra charge for chatting

Cons of Badoo

  • Obtrusive advertising of paid services
  • Without a paid subscription you can’t see the profile of someone you like
Good For Various date choices
Gender Ratio 56% Male, 44% Female
Popularity 400 million users
Mobile App Yes

#8 LinkYou Lonely Parent Dating Platform


Pros of LinkYou

  • Smart search by profession, religion, ethnicity, age, city, and gender
  • Manual screening of user profiles for ethics and legal requirements
  • 24/7 moderation: profiles used for spam, advertising, and obscene offers are blocked within 30 minutes
  • All the tools you need to search effectively are available without buying a premium account

Cons of LinkYou

  • The service is in development, so the owners are experimenting with its appearance and content
  • The lack of applications for iOS and Android
Good For Developing family values
Gender Ratio 52% Male, 48% Female
Popularity 970 million users
Mobile App Yes

#9 Zoosk Single Parent Dating Platform

Zoosk main page

Pros of Zoosk

  • Meet people of different age groups
  • Creating an account takes just minutes
  • Real success stories

Cons of Zoosk

  • There can be fake profiles
Good For Establishing strong connections
Gender Ratio 45% Male, 55% Female
Popularity 40 million users
Mobile App Yes

#10 Teamo Lonely Parent Dating Platform

Teamo main page

Pros of Teamo

  • Convenient and clear interface in English
  • Free Sign Up
  • Many Users
  • Great partner algorithm
  • No ads or bots

Cons of Teamo

  • You cannot find a person based on the local region
  • The NSFW protection does not function
Good For Creating passion
Gender Ratio 43% Male, 57% Female
Popularity 15 million users
Mobile App Yes

#11 EliteSingles Single Parent Dating Platform

EliteSingles main page

Pros of EliteSingles

  • Educated users
  • Over 400,000 monthly users
  • Mostly Women
  • LGBT Friendly

Cons of EliteSingles

  • Very expensive
  • Very poor mobile app design
  • Not enough freedom of choice for the user
Good For Finding older partner
Gender Ratio 39% Male, 61% Female
Popularity 14 million users
Mobile App Yes

#12 Seeking Single Parent Dating Platform

Seeking main page

Pros of Seeking Single Parent

  • Easy dad dating site
  • Simple and fast registration

Cons of Seeking Single Parent

  • The need to constantly enter the captcha
Good For Finding lonely fathers
Gender Ratio 59% Male, 41% Female
Popularity 23 million users
Mobile App Yes

#13 eHarmony Lonely Parent Dating Platform

eHarmony main page

Pros of eHarmony

  • Check each registered questionnaire, which means few bots and spam
  • You can specify the purpose of your registration
  • Free communication
  • User openness

Cons of eHarmony

  • The need of mandatory activation with phone and email
  • Many men are purely sexual in nature
  • Dating without registration is not possible
Good For Wise people
Gender Ratio 51% Male, 49% Female
Popularity 10 million users
Mobile App Yes

#14 ChristianMingle Single Parent Dating Platform

ChristianMingle main page

Pros of ChristianMingle

  • Informative user-profiles
  • Huge user base
  • Very simple user interface
  • Good ratio of men to women

Cons of ChristianMingle

  • Very expensive
  • Horrible app design
  • Not suitable for the LGBT community
Good For Traditional values
Gender Ratio 46% Male, 54% Female
Popularity 3.5 million users
Mobile App Yes

#15 Match Single Parent Dating Platform main page

Pros of Match

  • 4 Million people on single parents dating site
  • Simple design and great app
  • Great profile setup
  • Fast registration

Cons of Match

  • Most of the features are chargeable
Good For Starting point
Gender Ratio 49% Male, 51% Female
Popularity 4,000,000 USA users
Mobile App Yes

Is Finding a Single Mom Dating Site a Good Idea?

If a beautiful single mom comes into your field of vision, you urgently need to develop a strategy to earn her trust. Now forget about strategies. Your main weapon is honesty. Drop the selfish desire for possession and think about the line you and she have to cross.

Don’t mess with her head. She’s been fooled before, so she has a nose for it. Her defense mechanisms may be weak, of course, but they are there. What a single mother can’t stand is the repetition of the past. The fact that she’s a mother and alone kind of hints at that, doesn’t it? She’s probably pretty good at the games that men play. And we’re not talking about poker! You’re going to have to work up quite a sweat.

The Child Issue

The main disadvantage of dating for single mothers is that a child may start to hate you. No one would blame a child for hating you for no seemingly obvious reason. You’re a different man. You are some threat in his father’s place, whether you like it or not. There is no rule in winning a child’s attention. Sure, you can advise working on the relationship with the mother and waiting for the child to pull up.

But we won’t advise that approach because the child is still important. Expect resistance and resentment no matter how sincere and likable you are. You are in an extremely difficult life situation that will take a lot of time and effort to make conditions comfortable. Are you willing to make that sacrifice? Make sure this woman is worth it, or else you will break more than just her life.

Bating a Single Dad: Meet Single Parents

If you have a child, you yourself know very well how the character changes because of the need to take care of the baby. So, of course, men who raise a child on their own are different from ordinary men, and they need dating site for single parents. Such a man is more understanding, more tolerant, and more responsible, he is more aware of the consequences of single dads dating site.

However, there is a significant disadvantage – this man is likely to be in the first place. You are not a priority, so you need to adjust. In addition, in making a decision, he will be guided primarily by the child. By the way, the view that all single fathers are seeking mom dating sites can be wrong.

In fact, just like regular men, single fathers primarily seek a life partner, a beloved one who can share with them both the difficulties of living together and the joys. In any case, you should not try to play the role of a caring mother, especially if you do not have your own children.


The advantage of divorced parents is that they know all the terms of the game and need a relationship one way or another. Most people need some kind of translator to understand what they mean. Single parents don’t have time to be playful and mysterious. They will sincerely tell you what they expect and want from you. Now you, too, are freed from having to be insincere. Single parents welcome honesty and sensitivity more than other people who have suffered in the past from insensitive acts or affairs.

They need to change diapers, work, and teach the baby the basics of life, do you think they have time to wrestle with your weirdness in mind and indecision? So go ahead and tell them the truth on dating sites for separated parents. They may end up being the most loyal and loving people you will ever meet. If you show patience and compassion from the beginning, everything will be great.

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